I’ve been on an organizing frenzy lately trying to get all aspects of our house together one room at a time. A few weeks ago I shared the progress I made with our bedroom, and today I’m sharing what we did with our kitchen.

Our kitchen is a bit on the smaller side so maximizing space and getting creative is key. There isn’t much storage space so my first step was taking everything out and going through what we should keep and get rid of. I also invested in a few items to help get me organized.

We especially love our ANKOMN Turn-N-Seal containers. They lock in freshness with just a twist of the wrist and really helped streamline my organizational system. Their innovative turn-n-seal lids create a strong vacuum that can completely prevent moisture from forming, keeping all your food fresh and in perfect condition.  It’s designed to last and perfect for storing snacks, baking ingredients, cereal and even dried pasta.

These ANKOMN Turn-N-Seal containers are lightweight, making it easy to store and carry around the home. Also thanks to its compact design and stacking ability, you can optimize your storage space, which comes in extra handy.

The Turn-N-Seal vacuum keeps your food fresher, but if you want to extend the shelf life even longer, storing your vacuum stored food in the refrigerator maximizes the life of all your food. Lastly, they’re super easy to clean and here’s a quick video to show you the step by step process.

Today I’m teaming up with ANKOMN to share how we incorporated their amazing Turn-N-Seal containers into our space as well as 5 tips for organizing your kitchen:


To begin this kitchen organization process, you must first start with a clean slate. I recommend pulling out EVERYTHING in your cabinets so you can see what you are working with. Get rid of anything that you don’t really use or know you will never need. Also you can easily acquire duplicates as well as old or expired food in your pantry, so check labels and toss. Keep only things that bring you joy (as Mari Kondo would say) and give away or throw out the rest.


As I said above, our kitchen is on the smaller side, so getting more milage out of your cabinets sometimes takes a bit of creative rearranging. Try to group everything  by pattern, collection, or function. The most frequently used items should obviously be on the bottom shelves so that they’re most convenient to you and easy to reach. Also nesting smaller items inside larger pieces is always a great space saver.


One of the main contributors to kitchen chaos are mountains of mismatched food storagae containers. It can look sloppy and unorganized. In order to give your kitchen a cohesive look, invest in some cute clear containers like these Turn-N-Seal containers from ANKOMN. It will not only maximize the space you have in your cupboards, but also keep your food fresh. I personally love using them for my daughter’s snacks. They stack up well and are also easy to clean.


Getting rid of a lot of extra gadgets on your countertops will instantly give your kitchen a cleaner look. In this situation, less is more. Try to only leave out the must-haves and for us that includes our knife set, coffee maker, and a toaster oven. It will instantly give your kitchen a cleaner look and will look more organized in no time.


A crowded utensil drawer is never any fun and just like everything else, needs to be organized. I recommend getting some sort of dividers for your drawers. We have this wooden flatware tray for our silverware and these bamboo drawer organizers for larger utensils and gadgets. They come in a variety of sizes and materials so make sure the measure before making your purchase. Also, when organizing these drawers, I like to keep everything categorized so it’s easier to find.

See some more visuals of everything we did below and make sure to check out ANKOMN for a fresh approach to your storage solution. Interested in getting a few of your own? ANKOMN is giving GCG readers 10% OFF + free shipping on select items with code 10BMQ1MI.

Remember you want not only an organized kitchen, but also a functional one. Everyone is different so do what works best for you. Good luck guys!

*This post is in partnership with ANKOMN. As always, all opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting brands that make GCG possible!