I like to make mealtime fun for Elle and as a mom, I love using products that are not only extremely functional, but also pretty too. We first heard of the brand Re-Play at the Chicago Baby Show last month. They honestly make the most adorable vibrant tableware for kids.

Re-Play’s products come in every color imagined and are all made from recycled milk jugs. It is a better alternative for any parent looking to make the planet a better place for their children as well as future generations. I love helping out or planet and supporting brands that feel the same way as me. Here are four more reasons why we love Re-Play:


Re-Play uses HDPE plastic that is sanitized using a patented, proprietary process. They are able to clean the plastic and removes anything that was previously absorbed. This company cares a great deal for our planet as well as the carbon footprint they try not to make. The source plastic is specially selected and cleaned, meeting FDA strict purity standards.


The thickness and durability of their product designs have been proven to last families through multiple children. They are dishwasher safe and their vibrant colors stay that way over time and do not fade.


Each product was designed with early eaters in mind. Their goal is to make the self-feeding process easier and more successful. They have a Re-Play patented no spill valve that really works! Also they are super easy to stack and store. Each of the sets we got included a bowl, infant spoons, a tumbler, a soft spout cup, utensils, a no-spill cup, a snack stack, and a divided plate.


Re-Play believes that going green should be rewarded and affordable. Their products are well priced and made to last. You can find them on their website here, or Amazon, as well as at Whole-Foods, Kroger, Target, and Wal-Mart.


When it comes to food, we started giving Elle solids starting at 5.5 months. Luckily she isn’t too much of a picky eater and is willing to try most foods given to her. Like most families, we started off with purees and have now branched out to soft finger foods, wafers, and puffs.

Currently we are doing two meals. Brunch {around 11am} and dinner {around 5pm}. I am going to start incorporating breakfast once she hits 10 months {which is very soon!}. Some of my favorite foods to feed Elle for brunch include: cut up fresh fruit {strawberries ad blueberries are her favorite}, scrambled eggs, pancakes, puffs, and also those two ingredient banana + egg pancakes are great too. I usually add some cinnamon to them and you can find the recipe here.

We also like to feed her dairy free almond milk yogurt. Our go-to brand is Kite-Hill and they sell it at Whole Foods. She loves the banana strawberry flavor best. Elle currently has a dairy allergy, but I plan on testing to see if she has outgrown it this month with some cheese.

For dinner I usually give her some pureed vegetables, brown rice, plain pasta, veggie pasta from Trader Joe’s, steamed vegetables, and if we are eating out, I always like to bring these teething wafers that can keep her entertained for awhile. Elle also really loves these Dr. Praeger’s spinach and broccoli littles that can be found at Whole Foods. Also, we recently introduced meat earlier this week and I gave Elle some hamburger and sweet potato fries. She loved it!

Re-Play’s tableware helps make mealtime more fun for Elle. She currently loves using the sectioned off plates, as well as the bowls and no-spill sippy cups. We are still working on holding utensils, but over time Elle will for sure get the hang of it. They also make fun snack stacks that are great for on-the-go.

Today I’m giving away a $50 GIFT CARD so that YOU can try out some Re-Play products for yourself! To enter, just leave a comment below and make sure to follow myself as well as Re-Play on Instagram here. The contest will run for one whole week and I will contact the winner via Instagram. Good luck guys and make sure to check out more Re-Play products here.


*This post is in partnership with Re-Play, a company that both Elle and I love. As always, all opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting brands that make GCG possible!


  1. Jalisa

    Aw! I’ve been loving these helpful mom posts, girl! You’ve been introducing me to some really great brands, which I can’t wait to try. I can’t wait until Aviah starts eating solids, I’ll be keeping this company in mind. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great weekend ahead!




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