Ever since Elle was born, she has been a huge fan of bath time. She especially loves splashing around in the water and playing with her bath toys. We usually give her a bath every night before she eats her dinner and goes to bed. This helps greatly with her bedtime routine.

We originally had another baby bathtub to start off with, but I never loved it. It was too bulky and I noticed that it was acquiring mold {honestly had a heart attack with this one…}, so we had to throw it out.

Luckily, we were sent a new one from Boon, which is one of our favorite baby brands. They make such sleek, functional products that just make sense. We already have their amazing high chair, drying rack, care kit, and recently I’ve bought a few of their food prep items since Elle is beginning to eat real food soon.

One great thing about this Boon SOAK 3-Stage Bathtub is the size. It’s smaller than the other one we had and can fit perfectly in your sink or bathtub. It also has an amazing contour bath seat that you can adjust as they grow so you will never need another tub for your baby.

Elle feels super independent in this tub and is able to sit up on her own {although she likes to hold my hand still just in case 😉 }. It also has a unique color changing drain plug that ensure the water is always the perfect temperature and safe for your baby.

When it comes to bath products we have to be very careful. Elle has super sensitive skin so we test out lots of different products because so many can cause a rash. Our pediatrician as well as a few of our friends recommended Mustela so we decided to give it a go.

We tried out the Mustela cleansing gel, shampoo, and body lotion. I felt like it was very mild and worked well with her sensitive skin. Elle has eczema sometimes so it’s important to keep her skin hydrated. The lotion was extremely helpful in soaking in the moisture and helping her dry skin.

Lastly, this was by far my favorite photo shoot to date with my sweet baby girl. She was so smiley and excited. Normally she doesn’t wear her swimsuit in the bath, but I didn’t want to put my naked baby on the blog {she might get upset with me when she is 18 years old and looking back..ha!}.

Now onto some cute pics of my baby boo…

*This post is in partnership with Boon and Mustela, two brands that both Elle and I love. As always, all opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting brands that make GCG possible!


25 thoughts on “BATH TIME FUN

  1. Nicole Regan

    Ella is seriously the cutest baby boo in all the land! And I’d LOVE to get some plans on the books this summer – maybe an easy, little dinner with some other blogger babes?

  2. Britney Crawley

    I feel like I have to say how adorable your daughter is in every post she’s in. She’s just such a cutie! I’m definitely going to make a note of this bathtub brand. I’ve already started looking at bathtubs for our baby registry, and it’s so hard to know what will work! Plus, so many of them are bulky and I’m wondering where am I supposed to store a huge baby tub when we’re not using it?
    I love the smell and feel of Mustela products. A family I nannied for used them for their babies, and the lotion was so perfect for after baths. I always ended up rubbing the lotion in on my hands too and it made them so soft! Great products- thanks for sharing!

    1. Gold Coast Girl

      I highly recommend this tub! It is on the smaller size which will make it great for storage when you aren’t using it. Also beware of other tubs with lots of parts causing mold build up (ick!). We have and love a lot of Boon products. They make an amazing high chair and drying rack too. I’ve also recently bought a bunch of their feeding tools as well. Hope this helps!

  3. Shea Sayers

    Aww what great photos–she is such a cutie! I’ve used 4 different baths with my 7 month old, Violet, and finally I found one I like–it’s this inflatable one I found at Aldi. So crazy. I don’t know why they make baby baths so dang hard to like!

  4. Heidi D.

    She’s such a doll, Sam! Keep an eye on the eczema, it’s one of the earliest signs of food allergies. My oldest had it and ended up with a ton of food allergies, fortunately he’s outgrown a lot of them but eczema was definitely the first sign.

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