The temperatures are quickly dropping in Chicago {today it is supposed to be only 9 degrees…oy!} so it’s time to bundle up and break out those puffy down jackets. Every year I find myself wanting to buy a new one to add to my collection and I am currently falling in love with some of those more popular brands like Canada Goose, The North Face, and the ever so pricey Moncler {a girl can always dream}. They are all super cute and both functional + fashionable at the same time. A hood is always key and with fur? Even better! Below are some coats that I currently have my eye on so stay warm and take advantage of those after x-mas sales!
winter wardrobe parkas

1. Rud By Rudsak // 2. Calvin Klein // 3. Cole Haan // 4. SAM Belted
5. DVF Quilted // 6. SAM Hudson Parka // 7. Shelburne Parka // 8. Bernardo Quilted
9. Quilted Anorak // 10. Canada Goose // 11. Ralph Lauren // 12.  J.Crew

4 thoughts on “WINTER WARDROBE // PARKAS

  1. Becky M

    It’s getting cold here too, but I bet not as cold at Chicago! I have always wanted one of those long coats, but not sure if it would look right on me. Guess if it keeps me warm does that really matter, haha! Love your picks girly!

  2. Heidi D.

    I was just thinking about parkas, its so cold today! Time to break out the always stylish sleeping bag coat:) Happy New Year, Samantha!

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