Thanksgiving is coming up next week so I decided to put together some outfits to inspire both myself and you for this fun and festive holiday. There are both casual and more elaborate options depending on what type of event you will be attending. This year I am going to my husband’s parents house for dinner and even though it will be more on the casual side, I love an excuse to dress up and will probably go for an option similar to #3 or #5. I obviously will have to add tights since I live in Chicago and it is cold. Below are some ideas that you can play with. Feel free to mix and match because everyone’s style is different.  Keep in mind that you should try to dress comfortable just incase you go overboard on the stuffing and/or pumpkin pie (these are my two favorite Thanksgiving foods). Where will you be going for Thanksgiving this year and what will you wear?

thanksgiving outfits copy