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My husband I recently celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary and time has really flown by. It feels like just yesterday that we were wedding planning and registering. We got a lot of great gifts, but if I were to do it all over again, there are a few favorites that I would  make sure were on my list. Today I’m teaming up with Erie Insurance to share my top 10 wedding registry favorites.

Erie Insurance recently conducted a national survey that revealed insights about wedding gifts couples didn’t register for, but wish they had, as wells gifts they are still glad they registered for versus ones they regret. The survey also asked about unusual wedding gifts, their attitudes on various etiquette topics, and their advice to other couples registering today.

Part of the purpose was to educate consumers. If they receive certain valuable items, such as fine china, silver, or artwork, they should contact their insurance agent to see if they should add the items to their homeowners insurance policy. Erie Insurance is here to help! You can see the full survey and get more information about homeowners insurance here and watch a a short video about it here.

Looking back, I personally felt like the whole registry process was a bit overwhelming. At the time we had no idea about what we really wanted or needed. Now I have a much better idea and am sharing a few of my favorites (that I lucked out on and did in fact register for) as well as few newer products that I wish I included:

1. Air Fryer // 2. Stainless Steel Pots & Pans // 3. Fancy Platter 
4. Stand Mixer // 5. Food Saver Sealing System // 6. Knife Set // 7. Luggage
8. Food Processer // 9. Cord Free Vacuum // 10. Robotic Vacuum



This is the exact stick vacuum we have from Dyson. They make newer versions now, but we LOVE this one a lot. It’s well priced (currently on sale) and also comes in my favorite color. It’s honestly the best vacuum we have ever owned and the fact that it’s cord free is life changing. We never registered for this one, but instead got it as a gift for Christmas from my mother-in-law. It’ such a great registry item and one you will not only love, but use everyday.


Everyone needs a nice knife set, especially if you like to cook. We got this one as a wedding gift and absolutely love it! It has held up great throughout the years, is priced well, and is honestly really beautiful too. This is a gift that I’ve been able to use almost every single day and another one that I highly recommend.


These are all the rage these days. They are a healthier alternative way of cooking when it comes to frying food and can also bake, roast, or grill too. Back when I was creating my wedding registry this wasn’t even an option, but now it’s a must-have to add to your list.


This is another one I wish I had put on our registry, but didn’t. Everyone needs a nice set of luggage. We are actually in the market for some new pieces and I currently have my eyes on this one. It’s lightweight and super durable. The airlines broke the handle off one of our suitcases last time we traveled this summer, so I am all about finding a piece that can survive.


Every couple should register for a few nice platters. You will be so happy that you did and will end up using them for entertaining. I personally love the look of the Annieglass collection and got a bunch for our wedding. They’re so pretty and super easy to clean. You can also see it in action in this post.


When it comes to stand mixers, this is the most popular one and also what we ended up getting. It’s not only functional, but also good looking. Lots of people like to display them on their kitchen countertops. It also has various attachments that you can buy to make pasta and other things. Lastly, it comes in a bunch of cute colors.


This is another wedding registry favorite and the exact food processor we have. If you love to cook, then for sure put this on your list. It will end up coming in handy and be put to good use.


These are super popular these days. Back when I was doing my wedding registry, they weren’t really around, but I am dying to try one out. There are a bunch of different brands out on the market so make sure to do your research and choose one with good reviews.


This is another fancy gadget that needs to be added to the list. I personally don’t have one myself, but would love to try it out. It’s extremely useful in the kitchen and the vacuum sealing process keeps food fresher for longer.


This is a must and one you can use for a lifetime. I personally prefer stainless steel and this brand is really well made. We got a similar set for our wedding and still use it to this day. I love how this particular set is stackable, making it more compact and easy to store.