Happy Wednesday guys! Today I wanted to share a bit about when and why I switched to clean beauty as well as a few of my favorite products. I realize that these days it’s all the rage, but I’ve actually been into it for quite some time.

Let’s first start with the when. So about 5 years ago I started having a lot of allergic reactions and skin irritations to products I was using {mainly body soaps, shampoos, face washes, etc.}.

I went and saw an allergist and she tested all of the current products I was using. It turned out I was in fact allergic to a lot of them so I began to look at all of their ingredients to pinpoint what exactly was causing the irritation.

This truly started my journey towards clean beauty. I began to look up all the chemicals that were in these products online and did a bit of research. I also read The Honest Life, by Jessica Alba and it finally opened my eyes to a lot of the chemicals that were being used in most everyday products. I not only began to switch a ton of my beauty products, but a lot of cleaning products as well.

Then I discovered this website called the EWG Cosmetics Database where you can look up almost any product. It gives it a score from 1-10 on how safe it is, as well as all the bad chemicals in it. If your product gets a 1-2 then it’s a low hazard. If it gets a 7-10 then it’s high hazard and has a lot of bad chemicals in it.

The website breaks down the percentages into different ingredient concerns including overall hazard, cancer, developmental and reproductive toxicity, allergies, and immunotoxicity. Lastly, it goes over each ingredient concern and gives that it’s own score as well. Once I discovered this website, I actually got pretty obsessive and went through everything in my bathroom.

I began to look for cleaner products and recently even became a consultant for BEAUTYCOUNTER.  Have you guys heard of them before? A few of my friends use their products and were raving about how much they loved them. I signed up and bought a wide variety to test out. I’m currently obsessed with their shampoo & conditioner as well as their make-up. They have a great volumizing mascara and I absolutely love their classic eyeshadow pallet.

Besides BEAUTYCOUNTER, some other clean beauty brands I like include:

Tom’s of Maine
The Honest Company
Tarte Cosmetics
100% Pure
Juice Beauty

Now let’s get into the everyday clean beauty products I like to use on the regular:

1. Beautycounter Daily Shampoo // 2. Beautycounter Daily Conditioner // 3.Volumizing Mascara
4. Classic Eyeshadow Pallet // 5. bareMineral Eyeliner Pencil // 6. Tarte 12-Hour Blush
7. EveryOne Lotion // 8. Honest Company Conditioner // 9. Tom’s of Maine Deodorant 
10. Park Ave Princess Bronzer // 11. Beautycounter Countersun Mineral Sunscreen



I’m obsessed with this eyeshadow pallet because it’s so versatile. It offers a wide range of shades I already love and it’s easy to mix + match colors on top of each other depending on the occasion. There are a lot of great neutrals to choose from, making it flattering for all skin tones. They also make a romantic pallet {lots of feminine pinks + purples} as well as a statement pallet {with lots of bright bold options}.


I’ve tried out a lot of different mascaras in my time and this is by far my favorite! It gives your lashes a fuller, more dramatic look without the clumping or smudging. It’s also long lasting and easy to removing. Most importantly, it’s made with cleaner, plaint-derived ingredients.


It’s taken me awhile to find a safe sunscreen I like. I used to use the brand SunBum, but recently became a huge fan of this mineral based one. It’s light-weight, water-resistant, and made of safer ingredients. They also created a smaller stick that’s great for the face. Unfortunately we are approaching winter here in Chicago, but it’s still smart to apply sunscreen to your face daily.


For awhile Iw as using The Honest Company Shampoo, but tried this shampoo out and was instantly hooked. It made my hair shinier and more hydrated. I also actually really love the light citrus scent. If you know me then you know I hate most things that have some sort of smell or scent, but this one doesn’t bother me at all. They have also created a Volume & Shape Collection as well as a Smooth & Control Collection. I haven’t tried either yet, but have heard great things!


I’m a huge fan of this brand and this is the best everyday lotion that you can use on your hands, body, as well as your face. They make a wide variety of different scents, but as a stated above, I’m a fragrance free unscented kind of girl.


I tried the BEAUTYCOUNTER daily conditioner, but kind of liked the smell of this one a bit better. I usually rotate between the two.  This one is a lavender scented and I think it might be meant for babies, but I love it anyways.


I don’t wear much makeup on the daily, but I’m obsessed with this bronzer. On my face I usually just use this and some blush. It’s the perfect shade and always gives me a great glow! Honestly people always compliment me on my great tan and I owe it all to this 😉 .


I’ve been using Tarte for a few years and especially love their 12-hour blush. I prefer the color natural beauty, but have tried a few others as well. It’s also award-winning and made from Amazonian clay so pigments look freshly applied all day long.


When I switched over to clean beauty, deodorant was the first thing to be changed. I went with Tom’s and have been pretty happy with it. I’ve tried a few other brands out, but don’t like them as much. I feel like this works great in the winter time, but not as well as in the summer so if you know of any others to try, let me know!


This is my favorite eyeliner pencil at the moment. I have it in a few different colors, but usually gravitate towards black. It’s easy to apply and creates amazing definition. They make great eyebrow pencils too!



So there you have it. Why I switched to clean beauty and a few of my favorite products.  I hope this post was helpful and If there are any other brands of clean beauty you are loving then please let me know! I always love finding new brands to try out.