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Each new season brings a great time to press the reset button on all aspects of life. I am constantly trying to up my fitness routine and creating some fall fitness goals seems like the perfect idea.

I always like to set goals that are achievable, not too stressful, and easy to add into my daily routine.  Putting them in a blog post will help hold myself accountable and maybe inspire you guys to set some goals for yourself.

Here are 5 goals I plan to implement this season:


Exercise and working out usually go hand-in-hand. I already love to cook, but these days it’s sometimes hard to find the time, so I think it will be fun to set aside time each Sunday to meal plan for the week. Healthy recipes are easy to come by these days and I always love finding them on Pinterest {I’ve got a whole board dedicated to recipes} as well as some of my favorite food bloggers: Skinny Taste, Pinch of Yum, and Valleybrink Road.

I’ve also done a few round-ups of recipes throughout the years. Some of my favorites include: 10 Sheet Pan Recipes You Should Make for Dinner, 20 Recipes You Can Make In Your Instant Pot {which I need to use more of!}, 10 New Slow Cooker Recipes To Try This Winter, Healthy Salad Ideas, and 10 Healthy Grain Bowl Recipes.


Drinking more water and staying hydrated is super important. It can help with your skin, circulation, and even weight loss by making you feel full. I plan on cutting out all juices and sugary sodas from my diet and just sticking with water {and wine and coffee of course 😉 }.

If you get bored with water, you can spice things up a bit with sparkling water {also love my SodaStream} or by adding sliced lemons, berries, or cucumbers to amp up the flavor.


I obviously love clothes and since I’m dressing more casual these days, am a huge fan of workout clothes. When you look good then you feel good, right? There are currently so many cute brands out there and a favorite of mine these days is Peach. I’ve worn their stuff a few times before on the blog in this post, this post, and this post. They’ve got fun, fashion forward styles as well as cute dresses and even this poncho for fall.

Some other brands I love include Old Navy Active {so affordable!}, as well as Spanx {also sold here} for funky leggings. I currently have these camo leggings from Spanx, as well as these moto ones and these faux leather ones which are more for going out and less for working out, but still super fun!

Interested in what I’m wearing in today’s post? I’ve got on these leggings, as well as this cozy sweatshirt and this adorable bag which are both from Peach. I’ve also got on some Nike sneakers that are just so comfortable. This pair is a few years old, but I was able to find some similar styles here, here + here.


I’ve always been a huge fan of sleep, but often times find myself staying up way too late. This fall I plan to be more strict about getting to bed earlier so that I can make sure I’m getting at least 8 hours a night. I always find myself staying up later than I intend to due to last minute deadlines, Bravo TV {just being honest here 😉 }, and Instagram. I really need to shut everything down and give myself a bedtime of 10:30PM {at least during the week nights}.


I have a workout room in my building and tend to do the same routine each week using the treadmill, elliptical, weights, etc. It obviously can get boring, so it might be fun to switch things up and try out a few new workout classes around Chicago. I’ve heard great things about Orangetheory and used to be a huge fan of SoulCycle back in the day before I had Elle. I also love yoga and want to get back into it even though I wasn’t so great at it.

If you live in Chicago and love a certain class, let me know because I feel like I’m always out of the loop. My goal this season is to try to get my butt to a workout class at least once a week and exercise at least 4 times a week {even if that means just going for a long walk outside}.

So there you have it. 5 fitness goals for fall. Hopefully these will inspire you too to set some goals for the new season.

c/o Sweatshirt {on SALE!} // c/o Orange Striped Tote // Spanx Moto Leggings
Nike Sneakers {old, similar here, here + here} // Sunglasses

What fitness goals do you have for yourself this season? I would love to hear!