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Happy Wednesday guys! I touched on it a bit in this post, but today I wanted to go more in depth about our favorite products that we like to bring along while traveling. I’m obviously not an expert, but we have been on quite a few trips recently and because of that, really honed in on what has been the most practical and helpful. I like to think of myself as a minimalist when it comes to packing and try to only bring the necessities. Babies + toddlers need A LOT of stuff, but the 19 things below really assisted in having our trip run smoothly. So let’s get started, shall we?!

1. Portable Baby Monitor // 2. Pacifier Clips // 3. Backpack // 4. Diaper Bags // 5. Utensil Set 6. Sippy Cup // 7. Plates // 8. Drying Rack // 9. Snack Cup // 10. Bibs // 11. Changing Pads 12. Stroller Travel Bag // 13. Board Books // 14. Portable Sound Machine // 15. Finger Puppets 16. Coloring Book // 17. Travel Stroller // 18. Table Toppers // 19. Car Seat Travel Bag



Our old baby monitor actually recently broke, so we purchased this one and so far we’ve been loving it. When we travel to hotels, we like to get a larger suite so that we can put Elle down for naps + bedtime, and then still hang out in the living room area. Packing a portable monitor has really helped out in these situations as well as when we’ve traveled and stayed in houses. It’s a convenient way to check on your little one without going into the room and waking them up.


Our daughter still uses pacifiers for naps and bedtime. Elle currently loves these {same ones we got in the hospital when she was born}, but every kid is different. Pacifiers are also great on airplanes for taking off and landing so your kid’s ears don’t hurt. Most importantly, make sure to also bring along a pacifier clip because once it drops on the floor of the plane, ick all the way! I think these are super cute and we also have this brand.


We currently use this diaper bag in black at home, but for some reason on vacations I find that a backpack is way better. I’m a huge fan of this one because of all the different compartments. It’s also great at the airport when you are juggling a million things including your stroller and toddler.


Some hotels provide diaper pales, but some do not. It all really depends and dirty diapers can really smell up a room fast. We like to bring along a pack of these to wrap up all the stinky diapers so that our entire hotel room doesn’t stink. It’s a simple and easy way of disposing diapers wherever you are.


Whether you’re staying in a hotel or a house, having some familiar pieces from home is always a good idea. I like to bring 2 sippy cups {one for milk and one for water}, 1-2 plates, and a set of utensils {because Elle is currently working on her fork and spoon skills}. They don’t take up too much room and come in handy, especially for breakfast time which we usually like to do in the hotel room. For sippy cups we are currently using these for water + these for milk. Also, we like these plates and these utensils. Also if you’re still using bottles, obviously bring those too!


We used this more when Elle was a baby because it was perfect for her all her bottles. We still like to bring it along and use it for sippy cups, plates, and utensils. I love the fact that it comes with a few scrubbing tools and it’s super compact. It’s really great for on-the-go and easy to pack.


As I stated in this post,, snacks are a MUST and make sure to bring a lot of them for the plane rides. These are great not only great while at the airport, but also perfect while your bouncing around and on the go. They’re small and easy to pack and bring along. Also the no spill travel lid makes it super simple for your kid’s favorite snakes to stay inside.  Our daughter is currently using these, but lots of brands make similar styles.


Make sure to pack a few bibs for your trip. We love these especially because they are easy to wash and fold up nicely. They also come in a bunch of different colors too.


These are great for not only the airport, but basically any public place you need to change a diaper. We always use these under our own changing pad {that came with our diaper bag} so that we stay germ free. I like to pack a little stack while traveling so that we don’t run out while on our trip.


Once again, as I stated in this post, everything needs a travel bag. The airlines can be rough on your strollers, car seats etc., so we like to always have a bag for everything. We currently have this convertible car seat and use this travel bag for it. We also have this stroller {more on that later} and use this travel bag for it. Also for all the mamas still with a baby, we used to have this infant car seat and loved this travel bag for it. It was great because my husband could wear it as a backpack {same with our current one too!}.

Every carseat and stroller should make a travel bag, but if not there are great universal options out there. Also make sure to label all your bags. We were recently on our way to Arizona and by accident left the carseat on top of our travel bag in front of the curbside check-in area. Luckily Southwest Airlines was amazing and someone discovered it. They saw our name on it, looked up our flight, tagged it, and it sent it to our plane. We were really lucky with this one and so thankful with everyone who helped.


We always like to bring a few NEW small toys both on the plane and in our suitcase for the trip. We also always wrap the toys, which makes them even more exciting and entertaining. A few of our go-tos include small board books {Sandra Boynton makes great ones!}, as well as finger puppets, coloring books, and stickers.


We currently have an Uppa Baby Vista and love it, but it isn’t great for travel. It’s pretty heavy {a lot of airlines have weight restrictions for gate checking strollers FYI}, and too cumbersome to bring along. We recently got this BabyZen YOYO+ Stroller and are absolutely OBSESSED. It comes in a bunch of different colors that you can switch out. The YOYO+ is also super lightweight and easy to fold up and carry. You can even bring it on the plane with you and store it in the overhead compartment bin. We always use it at home in our car too and as I said above, we have this travel bag for it when flying.  It’s a bit pricey, but honestly life changing and I talked a whole lot more about why I love it in this post.


We always like to bring a few NEW small toys both on the plane and in our suitcase for the trip. We also always wrap the toys, which makes them even more exciting and entertaining. A few of our gotos include small board books {Sandra Boynton makes great ones!}, as well as finger puppets, coloring books, and stickers.


If you use a sound machine at home, then you for sure should bring one on your trip. If you’re staying in a hotel, then it’s closer quarters so the sound machine will help eliminate all the excess noise. Also it’s part of our nap time and bedtime routine so it’s best to mimic the same situation. We currently have the larger version of this one at home so we got the mini portable one for traveling.


I actually mentioned these awhile back in this post, but obviously have to bring it up again. We LOVE these and always have a pack in Elle’s diaper bag. They’re perfect for eating out at restaurants and you will be doing that a bunch while on vacation. They’re also great for hotel rooms if you plan to eat breakfast and snacks there.


These aren’t in the collage, but obviously a must. I’m a total germophobe so the more wipes the better! BTW you can check your child’s car seat for free and if you put it in a tavel bag then you can stuff it with diapers and wipes which is just fabulous if I do say so myself. We love bringing lots of wipes on trips. I like to wipe down our seats and tray table as soon as we get on the plane, as well as a lot of surfaces in hotel rooms {yes…I’m that person…}. My brand of choice is Seventh Generation which you can find here.


  • FOR BABIES: A carrier is always very handy {especially for plane rides and carrying babies through the airport}. We previously used this one {great for travel!} and this one. Now Elle is too big and heavy for it.
  • We always like to bring Elle’s own bed sheet from home. The hotel or house we are staying in always provides a crib or pack-n-play, but having a bed sheet that smells like home helps a lot. Your child depending on the age might cry the first night in a new crib, but having a crib sheet from home and their favorite stuffed animal will be very useful.
  • We like to use these packing cubes for organization. I can compartmentalize everything easily and it helps makes things more efficient when unpacking too. They come in a bunch of different patterns so I have one style for myself and then a different print for Elle.


  So as you can see, we have a few essentials when it comes to traveling with a toddler. Every kid is different, but we found these products to be great with Elle. Buybuy BABY actually has a whole amazing travel accessory section and you cans shop it here.

For more informative baby posts, feel free to check out my motherhood tab here. Also, as you might have heard, Babies R Us is closing its doors. Don’t fret because buybuy BABY is ready and available to assist all new and expecting parents during this time and will gladly recreate any Babies R Us registries.

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*This post is in partnership with buybuy BABY, a company that both Elle and I love. As always, all opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting brands that make GCG possible!