Hey guys! I normally don’t ever create a gift guide for myself, but thought it would be fun! I’m actually Jewish and never really celebrated Christmas until I met my husband. We now celebrate it every year with his family and this year will be extra exciting because his sister will be coming to town with her kids. Elle is older now since their last visit over the summer so it’s going to be fun watching all the cousins play.

To be honest, I don’t really need anything. All I really want in life is a happy, healthy family and maybe a fun vacation once a year. With that said, I’ve been perusing the internet quite a lot recently creating gift guides for kids {seen here}, guys {seen here}, and all the ladies {seen here}. A few things have caught my eye and I’ve rounded them up below…

1. Kate Spade Pajamas // 2. Gucci Bag // 3. Cult Gaia Ark Bag // 4. Turban Shower Cap 
5. Plaid Jacket // 6. Broadway & Me Music Classes // 7. Plaid Shoes // 8. iPhone 8 
9. Instant Pot // 10. Spa Gift Certificate // 11. Ugg Winter Boots

Kate Spade Pajamas: I actually featured these in my gift guide for all the ladies {seen here}. I just think they are really girly and cute. Also you can never have too many pajamas!

Gucci Handbag: I’ve had my eye on this handbag for awhile. I feel like it’s the perfect accessory for fall and winter. I love both the black as well as the fuchsia and although I do realize it is a pricey…a girl can dream…

Cult Gaia Ark Bag: Ever since this handbag came out, I’ve wanted one. It sold out quickly the first time around, but it’s now back in stock. I think it’s super cute and perfect for summer and beach vacations.

Turban Shower Cap: Aren’t these cute? My friend told me about them. They come in a bunch of different patterns and make great stocking stuffers!

Plaid Jacket: I love the look of this jacket. You would totally think that it’s Burberry, but it’s not. It’s actually only $46 and it has caught my eye!

Broadway & Me Music Classes : My daughter and I recently did a semester of these classes  together and she absolutely LOVED it! Each week they perform different musicals for the kids with instruments, toys, puppets, and bubbles. I feel like it’s the best class we’ve taken in Chicago. I guess this probably belongs in Elle’s gift guide, but I always have a lot of fun going too! The classes can be pretty pricey so a gift certificate to this would be nice 🙂 .

Plaid Shoes: I thought these were cute and I kind of always love everything from J.Crew so why not? Also loving this sweater by them.

iPhone 8: As a blogger, I feel like I need the latest and greatest when it comes to technology. My phone is a few years old and I’m super jealous of the portrait mode on the new ones so it’s time to upgrade. Also why are these so expensive 🙁 ?

Instant Pot: I’ve been seeing this a lot around the internet and decided that I really want one. I love my slow cooker and have read that this is a zillion times better. I’ve already been pinning recipes to make!

Spa Gift Certificate: These are always super nice and obviously will ALWAYS get used. There are so many fabulous spas around the city, but a few of my favorites include Mario Tricoci, The Four Seasons, and The Peninsula.

Ugg Boots: Every season I think about getting these. I feel like they are super cozy and would be perfect for Chicago winters.

So there you have it. Everything on my list this year. What’s on yours?

Also shop more of my gift guides below…



  1. Caroline

    I saw that bag in the store a few weeks ago and I have to tell you that it is gorgeous in person. I also really need new winter boots and those would be perfect. Those pajamas are super cute too!! Thanks for sharing and stay warm today!!

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