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Since this year is going to be Elle’s first Halloween, I wanted to make it extra special! I thought decorating the house would be fun and festive. When it comes to decorating your home, there are easy steps you can take that are are super simple and stress free. With the help of Lowe’s, I’m going to show you in detail of what we bought and how we decorated our home for Halloween.

We first started off with some shopping. The reason we chose Lowe’s is because they offer great values on the latest in decor trends and the spookiest ideas for Halloween. I didn’t want to make things too scary for Elle {since she is only 10 months} so I went with a Glam Halloween theme. I wanted to highlight blacks, silvers, golds and even did some super easy DIY-ing metallic glitter pumpkins.

Everyone working at Lowe’s was so nice and helpful. They gave me great decorating tips and I was able to get everything I needed for my DIY project. In order to make my metallic glitter pumpkins I picked up some metallic silver paint {they also have gold too!},  some paint brushes, and glitter.

Making the metallic pumpkins were super easy. First I laid out some newspaper and paper towels on my dining room table. Then I painted each pumpkin silver and while they were wet, I sprinkled a combination of gold and silver glitter all around them. I set them aside to dry overnight and they were ready in the morning. Even though I was an art major in college {and actually made the two paintings featured in these photos…which btw work great with my Halloween theme!}, I haven’t really tackled any art projects recently and was super pumped on how these little pumpkins turned out.

There was a wide range of pumpkins available at Lowe’s and I decided to go with a mix of sizes, colors, and shapes. I also got some gourds for texture. I love mixing and matching all the different colors and sizes to add depth and make things more exciting.

Some other fun decorations I picked up at Lowe’s included this Halloween wreath which we placed on our front door. I live in a condo building and the hallway lighting isn’t so great so I wasn’t able to snap a great photo of it. They did have wide variety of different colors + patterns for the wreaths too. We went with black and orange. We also got some spiders and webbing, as well as some purple mini lights to pair perfectly with my metallic glam theme. The lights ended up being more of a pink color which I love because it makes them easy to use for other holidays too!

When decorating your home for a holiday, it is always fun to incorporate pieces you already have as well. Since I was going with a metallic theme, I brought out my gold skull {similar styles here, here + here}, some candle holders {similar here}, black candle sticks, as well as some silver and gold serving platters, vases, and bowls.

For less stress, I suggest focusing on only certain areas of your home. This year for Halloween I only decided to decorate the front hallway, the dining room area and dinning room table, and the front door. I thought these three areas were easy and manageable.

What is Elle going to be this year for Halloween you ask? Well since her favorite color is pink, I decided to go with this adorable pink piggie costume. It is cozy and cute. Although Elle is currently too young to go trick or treating, we do have two Halloween parties that she will be attending so she will get to show off her costume of course.

Remember that decorating for a holiday doesn’t have to be stressful. Just focus on certain areas in your home, break out your DIY skills, incorporate some items you already have, and shop at Lowe’s for everything else you need. With the help of Lowe’s I was able to amp up my home’s spooky spirit this Halloween. You can check out more Halloween product offerings here as well as fall harvest products here.

Check out some photos below and let me know what you think. Also I added some of Elle in her costume for a sneak peek. How did you decorate your home for Halloween? I would love to hear!

You can shop everything I got at Lowe’s by clicking around on the photos below:



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