I can’t believe it but my baby girl will be nine months on Saturday! They always say that the first year flies by and boy are they right. I look back at photos when Elle was first born and at how tiny she was {only 5 pounds!}. She is now crawling ALL OVER the place {a childproofing post coming soon!} and so interested in exploring EVERYTHING. She loves smiling, laughing, climbing, going for walks, swinging, and having dance parties.

Since Elle is growing so much and loves exploring, I decided that I need to invest in some new toys for her. I recently got ahold of a bunch of fun new products from Lamaze. We have actually always been fans of their toys and since birth, Elle has really enjoyed her Fifi the Firefly. I attach it to her stroller and it always keeps her entertained.

Lamaze toys encourage babies to grow and develop through features that promote “together-time” between parent and baby as well as activities that help babies explore and learn independently. From black and white contrasting patterns for visual stimulation to crinkle sounds that spark auditory development, they are packed with signature features to provide babies high quality, engaging toys backed by infant development experts. They also all have really cute names! Some of our current favorites include:

Lamaze® Octotunes

This toy is big, colorful, and lots of fun. It creates new moments of wonder with every touch, sound, shape, color, and movement. Each tentacle plays a different note and it also comes complete with a song book of your favorite tunes. It is perfect for ages newborn and up.

Lamaze® Rainbow Stacking Rings

This toy has bright, bold colors and patterns that feature interesting textures and sounds. It stimulates tactile senses and it’s multi-textured rings invite babies to explore. Babies can foster their problem solving skills by figuring out how to stack the rings and it also helps with hand-eye coordination and auditory awareness. This toy is suitable for ages 6 months and up.

Lamaze® Flipping Felipe + Lamaze® Waddling Wade

Both of these adorable animals feature exciting textures and sounds that engage with your babies development in play. They encourage fine and gross motor skills with their mirrors, squeakers, teething rings, crinkly texture, shapes, and colors. They also both can clip on to your stroller or diaper bag for on-the-go play.

Lamaze® Squeezy Donkey Ears + Lamaze® Bella Bunny Ears

Elle just started to get her 2 bottom teeth in and loves shoving EVERYTHING into her mouth. With large teething ears, these toys are both winners! They have vibrant colors, rattles, and squeakers for exploring. They help engage with vision, auditory, and motor skills with their textures, satin ribbons, and knotty arms. They also have link hooks so you can attach them to strollers and diaper bags.

Now onto some pictures of my cute baby boo…

*This post is in partnership with Lamaze®, a company that both Elle and I love. As always, all opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting brands that make GCG possible!

28 thoughts on “ELLE IS NINE MONTHS OLD

  1. Mary M.

    Lovely photos, she’s so beautiful!! They grow up so fast, my god-daughter will be 6 months soon and I can’t believe it!

    Have an amazing week,
    Mary x

  2. Isabelle

    Such an adorable baby. I am spending the week at the gold coast and came across your blog!

  3. Sonia Makosso

    she is such a cutie, I never heard about lamaze, I will check them out, I am a first time expecting mom and I definitely feel the time going fast (due in november), they say kids grow up fast, so enjoy every smile 🙂


  4. Jalisa

    Wow, time is definitely going by so fast! I remember it was just like yesterday when I was reading your blog and you were pregnant with her! I can’t believe my little Aviah is 2mths either, it’s crazy isn’t it?! And as moms, our days are like blurs with so many things to do, it makes time seem to go even faster! I definitely will be referring to this post when she hits this milestone and I also look forward to the child proofing post as well! Thanks for sharing and have a great holiday weekend!



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