*This post is in partnership with buybuy BABY, a company that both Elle and I love. As always, all opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting brands that make GCG possible!

I can’t believe that my sweet baby girl is already seven months old! Time has been flying by and I love watching her grow. Elle has turned into such a smiley and curious baby. She is always interested in exploring the world around her and loves making new friends. She has started eating food {a post on that coming soon!}, dancing at music class, enjoying swinging in the park, and most recently playing in the pool.

A few months ago I shared Elle’s four month favorites in this post. Now that Elle is a bit bigger, I thought I would show you some of her current faves that we have been using both inside and outside the house. So here we go…

Elle is absolutely OBSESSED with this toy. I started using it when she was around 5 months old and she has yet to get bored with it. There are so many different little gadgets, lights, music, and toys surrounding the seat that keeps her entertained for very long chunks of time. Elle likes to spend her mornings in here jumping around and playing. The rotating seat is great because it gives her 360-degree access to all the different activities and toys. The company makes a few different models, but I went with this one because Elle really likes animals.

Babies LOVE looking at themselves in mirrors so I knew when I bought this for Elle it would be a big hit and I was right.  This toy is great for tummy time and floor time. We use it daily and it helps Elle engage in developing her vision and curiosity. There is also a spinning ball, a 3D ladybug and bumble bee, and crunchy leaves to play with.

Elle has recently become a huge fan of the pool and loves to float around in the water. This product has been great and we especially appreciate the fact that it protects her from the sun with the removable UV sun shade. It is also super easy to fold up and store in the included storage bag, making it great to pack away during the winter or take in the suitcase on warm weather trips.

We actually had this on our baby registry and got this as a gift from my uncle. Elle loves being outside and exploring the world around her so using this has been great. She likes facing outwards and looking at everything as we walk by. My husband and I enjoy the breathable fabric {because carrying a baby on your chest can get hot} as well as all the different ways you can carry her in this thing. It is also pretty comfortable and perfect for when you don’t want to bring a bulky stroller.

Since Elle has started teething, this has become one of her favorite toys. She loves slobbering all over it as well as the squeaky noise it makes. We actually got quite a few of these as gifts and even have the book to go along with it. Some other teething toys we like include her Sassy RingsFifi the Firefly, and her Ballerina Mouse Teething Rattle. Elle actually loves putting everything in her mouth these days so If anyone has any other teething toy recommendations, I would love to hear!

Also, for all those mamas out there if I’m missing any other great products or toys please let me know! We are always interested in trying out new gadgets and brands.

Now onto some cute photos of my sweet baby boo…

*This post is in partnership with buybuy BABY, a company that both Elle and I love. As always, all opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting brands that make GCG possible!