*This post is in partnership with buybuy BABY, a brand that both Elle and I love. As always, all opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting brands that make GCG possible. 

Elle is a little over 7 weeks old now and loving life! Taking care of a baby is so much work, but Elle is super sweet and fun to play with so it makes things a bit easier and enjoyable.

Since it’s pretty cold in Chicago this winter, I try to come up with ways to entertain her {any suggestions are always welcomed 😉 }. She absolutely LOVES going for walks in her stroller, but when it’s below 30 degrees, it can be a challenge to get outside. Elle is also a fan of bath time, tummy time, sleeping, and a great eater.

Thanks to so many amazing products available at buybuy BABY, Elle never gets bored. Today I’m sharing her top 6 favorites from their store:

1. JJ Cole Bundle Me
As I said earlier, Chicago’s winter can be brutally cold. When the temperatures are in the 30’s or 40’s we love going for walks and I always make sure to bundle Elle up in this cozy sleeping bag. It also works with car seats and is the perfect alternative to bulky blankets and jackets. As soon as I place Elle inside this she falls fast asleep. Lastly it comes in 6 different fun colors to choose from.

2. Boppy Pillow
This pillow is such a great product. It’s versatile design makes it perfect for feedings, tummy time, propping, learning to sit or just hanging out and lounging. There is also a wide variety of fun patterns for the cover and Elle is currently loving her pink and white polka dot design. I like to sit her up in it after she eats so she can properly digest. I also use it a lot when reading books to her.

3. Bright Starts 5-in-1 Your Way Ball Play Activity Gym
Elle absolutely LOVES this activity gym. It us currently her favorite toy. She has so much fun spending a lot of her mornings in here and is a huge fan of the animal designs {especially the elephants}. Elle will just stare and smile at all the different animals along the sides. What I love most about this product is that she can continue to play in it as she grows. There are so many different ways of setting up the gym and it is perfect for tummy time and easy entertainment.

4. Fisher Price Delux Bouncer
I’ve discovered in this short time of motherhood that you need a variety of places to set your baby down. This cozy bouncer is perfect for that purpose. It has gentle vibrations and sweet sounds that aide Elle in drifting off to dreamland. We usually place this in our living room or dinning room so she can hang with us while we watch TV or eat dinner.

5. HALO Sleep Sack
Elle is a great sleeper and I owe a lot of that to this product. This 3-way adjustable fleece swaddle is both super warm as well as snug so it is perfect for bedtime. It replaces all those loose blankets in the crib that could be kicked off and interfere with her breathing. We also like the fact that it is adjustable so we can keep her either swaddled with her arms in or have both arms out when transitioning to wearable blankets. Currently we are transitioning her with her arms out. Elle also loves the cozy fleece material which helps keep her warm all night.

6. Elegant Baby Bath Wraps
Elle is a huge fan of bath time and loves snuggling up in these afterwards. They are made up of 100% cotton velour terry that helps keep her cozy and warm. Her favorite is the bunny rabbit, but she also loves the duck, bear, and pink elephant.

And here are just a few more photos of Elle because why not …

*This post is in partnership with buybuy BABY, a brand that both Elle and I love. As always, all opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting brands that make GCG possible. 


  1. Kathryn

    She is such a cutie! Seeing that duck bath wrap brought me back, haha. I definitely had something like that when I was little.

    Kathryn • simplykk.com

  2. Aracely

    These are all great baby products! Love to see that some things are still relevant from when I had baby girl like the halo sleep sack, bundle me and boppy pillow. She’s so cute.

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