As I’ve said before, it is always great to get a little help when it comes to cooking. I’m a big fan of following recipes and taking short cuts in the kitchen. Enter: Wild Garden. Have you heard of them before? They recently introduced a new line of authentic and healthy Mediterranean meal helpers that will have dinner ready in less than 30 minutes. They shipped a box straight to my door filled with marinades, pilafs, recipe cards, and even an adorable apron.  
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The marinades were full-flavored and super easy to use. Just pour over your favorite kind of protein {each one had suggested ideas},  chill for 10 minutes in the refrigerator, and either bake, grill, pan fry, or roast it for a delicious dinner in no time.

We chose to take advantage of the warm summer temperatures and grill kabobs. We used the shawarma marinade {a blend of cardamom, cumin, and herbs} on the beef and the turkish marinade {a blend of tomatoes, cumin, and garlic} on the chicken. 
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The pilafs were just as easy, if not easier to use. You could either microwave them or heat them in a skillet with a few drops of water. My box came with a couscous which was made with pearled couscous and chickpeas in a zesty tomato sauce, bulgur which was cooked in tomato sauce and Mediterranean herbs, and a rice + lentil dish which was made with basmati rice, lentils, and caramelized onions.

I was super impressed with the ease and quality of all the ingredients. We were able to turn our average weeknight meals into simmering exotic Mediterranean dishes with just a few simple steps. Another impressive element is that each marinade is so versatile and you can create amazing meals over and over again throughout the week.

Want to try it for yourself? You can now find Wild Garden’s Taste of the Mediterranean line at Mariano’s, Jewel-Osco, Meijer, and fine independent grocers this summer. Also, you are in luck because Wild Garden is GIVING AWAY FIVE TASTING BOXES. To enter just go to the Wild Garden website here, sign up for their newsletter at the bottom of the page and in the “your message” line write Samantha. The contests lasts 1 week and 5 lucky winners will be chosen randomly to receive their very own box. Good luck and make sure to visit their website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter page for more information!
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*A huge thank you to Wild Garden for partnering on this post. As always, all opinions are my own.