As we all know I have been on a real fitness kick lately. I am all about fitness goals for 2016 and healthy eating {have you seen my easy trail mix recipe?}. I’m super excited because this April the Four Seasons Chicago + Sarah Baker of The Balanced Babe will be hosting a 2 day Mind & Body Wellness Weekend.

There will be carefully-curated classes + workshops, nutritious meals, pampering treatments in the beauty break room {my favorite of course 😉 }, a $50 gift card to the attached 900 North Michigan Shops, and Chicago’s premier health + wellness professionals.

It’s the perfect way to treat yourself and enjoy a weekend of renewal and revelation. This city retreat is truly the first of its kind in Chicago and I can’t wait to attend. For all the details, pricing and the itinerary breakdown on The BeHealthful Retreat make sure to click here and I’m hoping to see some of you guys there in April!

Also, to give you a bit of a taste of some of the things that will be going on at the retreat, Sarah from the The Balanced Babe is sharing 5 SPRINGTIME DETOX TIPS with you all today. So here we go:

We naturally “detox” as we expel waste. If you’re looking to feel lighter in this department, focus on foods + herbs that support optimal digestions. The more plant-based foods you eat on a daily basis, the more regularly you naturally “detox”. To practice healthy digestion for a springtime cleanse, make gut friendly meals that are plant-based. For example: simple soups using asparagus {a natural diuretic}, dark leafy greens, and swiss chard.

Your lymphatic system is an intricate network of glands and vessels thats duty is to cleanse our body and protect us from toxins. When the fluids in our lymphatic system get backed up or clogged, we start to feel puffy, fatigued, and foggy. To help stimulate lymphatic drainage, you can give yourself a lymphatic drainage massage. Check out this post for a full tutorial.

Soaking in epsom salts in hot water really gets us sweating and helps draw out toxins from our skin. You can find epsom salt at your local grocery store and all you need to do is add 2 cups to your bath and soak.

Cleansing isn’t just about how we feel physically, but also mentally. For those of us that can’t get the whole meditation thing down, turn to doodling. Find an adult coloring book and spend 10 minutes doodling in it. You will naturally discover that your mind starts to drift + wander, essentially meditating while still stimulating parts of your brain.

According to Ayurveda, scraping your tongue with a tongue scraper in the morning before you brush your teeth helps improve your digestion and obviously oral health. You’ll also experience exceptionally fresh breath {hooray!}.

To also prep myself for April 2-3, I’ve been working on my activewear game. A few of my favorite places to shop include styles from Old Navy ActiveGap FitForever21, and even Athletica. Namaste!
work out clothes 3work out clothes 9work out clothes 2work out clothes 11work out clothes 7work out clothes 5work out clothes 12work out clothes 4

OUTFIT #1: Patagonia Fleece // Gap Leggings // New Balanced Sneakers // c/o Sunglasses
OUTFIT #2: c/o Venus Mint Sweatshirt // Gap Shirt // Gap Leggings // New Balanced Sneakers


*A huge thank you to The Balanced Babe + Four Seasons Chicago for partnering on this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

  • Biana Perez

    Such cute sneakers girl!! I need a good detox from food lol! xo, Biana –BlovedBoston

  • Love this post since I’m all about living a healthy lifestyle! 🙂 That event sounds amazing too, I’ll have to check it out. 🙂

  • That retreat sounds great! So wish I could attend. I’ve definitely made my health more of a priority this year, and am always looking for new ways to incorporate healthy eating into my life. Love these detox tips!


  • I absolutely love your blog and the design layout. I was on a fitness kick until the beginning of last month. I’m trying to get back into my old rhythm but its been hard for me. I’ve been really tired lately from work but this post has really inspired me to get back at it again. Thanks for this post!

    Only The Brave Blog

  • I love you shoes but also the mint hoodie. This post was very inspiration with a lot of tips. I sometimes practice yoga which helps me clear my head 😀
    Xx Blue Ducklings

  • Awesome tips! I need to try the Epsom salt bath idea, that sounds heavenly after a long day and shaking in barre class. Loving the pop of pink in your cute sneaks <3
    Green Fashionista

  • Brigit

    I’m digging your poses against the backdrop of logs. Journaling also helps clear your mind. I want to go on a wellness retreat! Very helpful post.


  • I seriously need to work on my detoxing and eating my greens. Some days I go without eating a single green thing! It’s bad.
    Xo, Evelina @ Fortunate House

  • Trang Do

    Love your great tips! Thanks for sharing! Great photos!

    Love from http://www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  • WhatWouldVWear

    Great tips on detoxing! Health is so important and I love your work out gear too!

    Wishing you a great weekend, beautiful!

    xoxo, Vanessa


  • I need to work on my mental detox, letting go and clearing my head! Thanks for the reminder. I love your shoes, I need some new ones come to think of it!

    XO Chelsea http://www.shesaidhesaidfashion.com

  • Love the tongue scraping tip, that’s something I do every morning. Thanks for sharing and have a nice weekend.


  • These are such great tips Samantha, especially as we transition into a new season and that retreat sounds like just what the doctor ordered!

    Heidi || Wishes & Reality

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  • love it!

    kisses from dubai ❤️


  • Meah Bigbee

    Love the shoes!!! Great tips! Getting out in the fresh air is always a good mental detox for me. So important to keep your mind active as well as your body.
    Thanks for the post.


  • Zorica

    Trying to be fit as much as I can…thanks for the tips…very useful
    Love the outfits

  • I need to jump on your bandwagon, Samantha! It’s been way too long since the last time I worked out wah wahhh.

    Xox Dana Ivy // http://www.iadorewhatilove.com