Electronics are an important aspect in our everyday lives. We carry our phones + laptops with us everywhere so obviously we need to keep them stylish too. Thanks to CaseApp we can now customized and create colorful phone cases and laptop skins.

CaseApp has a wide range of designs, but you can also create your own. After browsing all of their styles, I decided on the black marble laptop skin as well as the matching black marble iPhone case. I also am LOVING the white marble styles as well as the purple pattern {how cool!?}.

You can also create your own custom design. Since I’m Gold Coast Girl, I decided to take an image of gold glitter {that I use on my business cards} and use it as the background for a phone case. I’m super excited about the results and can’t wait to wear both my gold glitter phone case and black marble phone case all around Chicago.

Love my designs? You’re in luck because CaseApp is offering GCG readers 20% OFF your order with code GOLDCOAST20 at checkout. Feel free to browse their unique designs and you can even create your own!

PS: The flowers are leftover from Valentine’s Day. My husband got them at Whole Foods. Aren’t they spectacular!?
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*A huge thank you to CaseApp for partnering on this post! As always, all opinions are my own.