Happy weekend everyone! So SPANX has gotten an upgrade and has paired up with Clinique to launch their Beauty Besties Power series at Nordstrom. The other weekend I went in for a consultation with my blogger bestie Peggy at the Nordstrom on Michigan Avenue. The SPANX specialist was amazingly helpful and asked us what our key area concerns were. We both were able to find the perfect pair of SPANX to fit our needs and got to choose from 3 highlighted styles: panties, shorts, and higher shorts. We then headed down to the Clinique counter on the first floor to check out some of the pop lip colors, foundations + concealers, and chubby stick sculpting contours. We had a blast trying on different shades for our skin tones and everyone was extremely friendly + helpful. The promotion is going on till the end of this month so make sure to grab your own bestie and head on over to Nordstrom to check it out. I’m a huge fan of both SPANXClinique and love the way their products make you look + feel effortlessly chic. Finding the perfect combination is a must this spring season and the Beauty Besties Power series is here to the rescue.

* A huge thank you to SPANX for sponsoring this post


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