Hey everyone! Today I’ve teamed up with David Yurman and a few friends of mine {Nicole, Ashley, and Sara} to show you some great date ideas around Chicago.  First up is Mariposa located right in the Neiman Marcus building. And just to let you know, the man in the photos is not my husband. It is a male model filling in who actually works at Neimans too. Ha.

WHERE: Neiman Marcus, 737 N Michigan Ave, Chicago IL
GOOD FOR: This place is super cute for a fancy lunch after shopping around Michigan Avenue and David Yurman in Neiman Marcus. You can pop on in for some fun cocktails {like the Cider Punch} or a delicious salad or sandwich.
RECOMMEND: I am in love with the Grilled Shrimp & Quinoa Salad. Some other favorites of mine include the Bistro Turkey Panini or the Steak Frites {with truffle fries}.
WHAT TO WEAR: David Yurman’s Black Orchid collection is all about being bold  – This exotic stone was first referred to as the Mystery stone. It is lavendar amethyst backed by hematine. The color is a purplish blue and is stunning. Black orchid is a great daytime to evening look and looks fabulous with any colors.

mariposa  4mariposa  2mariposa 1mariposa  5BLOGGER: Nicole of Cedar & Rush
RESTAURANT: Stan’s Donuts & Coffee
WHERE: 259 E. Erie St. Suite 100 Chicago IL
GOOD FOR: A casual first date of coffee and donuts! Or after dinner dessert and late night conversation (open until 9 PM!). If going for breakfast, pop by David Yurman in Neiman Marcus right around the corner for some afternoon shopping.
RECOMMEND: Everything is made daily but the extra fluffy cappuccinos and cake donuts with sprinkles are especially delicious.
WHAT TO WEAR: David Yurman’s Petite Pave collection is all about layering – which is perfect for morning, day or night! In a mixture of diamond, sapphire, black diamond and pink sapphire, there is something for everyone with this collection. Still incorporating the classic DY design, the Petite Pave is an updated look with edge. We are especially loving the 72 inch Box Chain. It can be worn as a necklace (as shown) but it can also be wrapped around the wrist several times, converting into an additional bracelet layer. So young and fresh!
stans donuts2stans donuts4stans donuts1BLOGGER: Ashley of SedBona
 NoMI Kitchen
WHERE: 800 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago IL
GOOD FOR: Almost any occasion. Situated in the Park Hyatt off Michigan Avenue, this venue is a great place to grab breakfast, lunch or dinner with a soaring view over the Water Tower. It’s especially excellent for business lunches or meals with girlfriends in-between shopping sprees at David Yurman in Neiman Marcus across the street.
RECOMMEND: Each dish is carefully curated from a list of impressive seasonal ingredients but the fresh market fish and maki rolls are particularly excellent for lunch dates!
WHAT TO WEAR: David Yurman’s Starburst collection is an exuberant collection of light and beauty and is dedicated to David Yurman’s wife and collaborator, Sybil. The DNA of the David Yurman brand is born from David and Sybil’s shared background as artists- David as a sculptor and Sybil as an accomplished painter. David and Sybil were visiting Paris to open a David Yurman boutique. Bagpipes and fireworks are what get Sybil really emotional. When the Paris night was lit by fireworks, David witnessed the emotion it evoked in Sybil and was then inspired to create Starburst. He wanted to capture what she felt when fireworks lit up the Parisian night. We are especially loving the Starburst Open Ring wit Diamonds. The design bridges the timeless starburst motif with a modern feel that can be worn just as beautifully on your forefinger as on your ring finger.
nomi 1nomi5nomi4

BLOGGER: Sara of Project Soiree
Le Colonial
WHERE: 937 N Rush St, Chicago, IL
GOOD FOR: Le Colonial is the perfect spot for a romantic dinner after shopping for a statement piece of jewelry from David Yurman in Neiman Marcus. Featuring French-Vietnamese cuisine and a cozy atmosphere, Le Colonial is the ideal spot for a refreshing cocktail or authentic Vietnamese dishes.
RECOMMEND: I can’t get enough of the Bo Bia featuring soft salad rolls of vegetables, egg and peanuts in rice paper with a delicious peanut plum dipping sauce. This appetizer paired with a refreshing cocktail is the perfect combination for date night.
WHAT TO WEAR: David Yurman’s Albion collection redefines how gemstones are worn for an everyday look or elegant date night. For a casual yet effortless look the Albion ring in Prasiolite is a timeless piece that defines classic style. This collection features a traditional style, but isn’t afraid to add a pop of color to create a distinctive look. For a one-of-a-kind statement the Albion collection is on point for elevating an effortless style

le colonial2le colonial3le colonial 1PHOTOS BY CHRISTINA SLATON
*A big thank you to Neiman Marcus, David Yurman, and Nicole for organizing everything!


  1. Living on Cloud Nine

    This is such a great idea for a post. My husband and I come to Chicago several times a year as we are only 2 hrs east so would love to try some of these. Hope you’re having a terrific day!!

  2. Heidi D.

    Such a fun post Samantha! That ring you’re wearing is absolutely gorgeous! The food sounds pretty tasty too 🙂

    Wishes & Reality

  3. theblackblush blog

    Amazing pictures! The food looks delicious!

  4. Caroline @ Windy City Chic

    Now I’m hungry!! Haha. Love Nomi especially their outdoor patio, they have a great bar menu. They are also opening up a Stan’s Donuts in my neighborhood. Your jewelry is really pretty too. 🙂 I hope that you were also able to enjoy the fab weather that we had today!! 🙂

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