I know what you are thinking. Fanny packs? but believe it or not, they are pretty hip these days. I was talking to some friends the other weekend and we were discussing the comeback of the the “belly bag”. If you think about it, sometimes those totes and crossbody bags can hurt your shoulders. So what’s the solution? A fanny pack. I was skeptical about this one, but when I did the research I was able to find a bunch of stylish options out there. Ya or Nay on this one? Happy Monday!

fanny packs

1. One by Dana Evan // 2. Tory Burch // 3. L.A.M.B. // 4. B-Low
5. Rebecca Minkoff // 6. Cleobella // 7. Rebecca Minkoff // 8. F21
9. Karl Lagerfeld // 10. Nasty Gal // 11. Michael Kors // 12. Cleobella
13. JanSport  // 14. Alexander Wang // 15. Clare V.

4 thoughts on “TRENDING // FAB FANNY PACKS

  1. Biana

    My sister bought this fabulous Louis Vuitton fanny pack a few years back and I have been wanting one for the longest time!! I absolutely love #1!!

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